Cognitive Development Lab

6-24 Month Olds (Infant) Studies

Research Interests?
During the first two years of life children encounter many new objects and events, words, and other types of auditory information. Their job is to not only learn about this auditory and visual information, but also to figure out how they go together.

For example, when children are presented with an object and parents say, “Look a dog”, do children understand that this word refers to and stands for the family pet? Do they understand that the word also refers to all dogs? If so, when do children learn this, how does this knowledge influence the way children attend to words and objects, and does this knowledge impact the way they organize their world.

Given the importance of language in many aspects of life, we feel that it is important to understand how sounds and words influence various aspects of cognitive development and how this changes throughout development.

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How can you Participate?
If you would like to participate in this study, please contact our lab and make an appointment for a one-time visit to The Ohio State University.  Our office is located in the Psychology Building at 1835 Neil Ave. Parking is free and you will be able to park right next to the entrance. Thank you in advance for your consideration. We hope that you will participate in this important study.

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