Cognitive Development Lab

4998 Research Opportunity

The Cognitive Development Lab may admit new students at the start of each semester.  Students who participate in 4998 research are from a wide array of majors including psychology, linguistics, and pre-med.  Students working in the lab are involved in a variety of research activities such as recruiting subjects, maintaining a participant database, running studies with undergraduate participants, interacting with parents and children, and data analysis.  Additional research opportunities are available to students who make a greater commitment to the lab and demonstrate responsibility as a member of the lab.  We encourage undergraduates to be actively involved in the intellectual life of the lab, and to that end we have a weekly lab meeting during fall and spring semesters in which we review data and plan experiments, and we also have a weekly reading group in which we discuss a weekly reading assignment.  To see if the lab would be a good fit for your research interests, please read about our current research and check out our recent publications before applying.

Requirements for students to take 4998 research credits

  • GPA: 3.0 or greater
  • Rank: at least a second semester freshman
  • Credits: minimum of 2 credit hours per semester (1 credit hour = 3 hours per week)
  • Commitment: minimum of 2 semesters

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What kinds of tasks do 4998 students perform in the Cognitive Development Lab?
    • 4998 students perform a variety of tasks which vary according to the needs of the lab.  Students are involved in participant recruitment, interacting with parents and children, data analysis, and data collection.  The greater the commitment a student makes to the lab, the more opportunities and responsibilities he or she will experience.

  • How can I get involved in 4998 research in the Cognitive Development Lab?
    • First, interested students need to determine when the next application deadline is (March 15 or October 15).  Next, students need to e-mail their resume and an unofficial transcript to the Undergraduate Coordinator prior to the deadline.  It would be helpful if the resume highlights any experience you have had with children, research, computer hardware and software, AV equipment, and anything else you think would make you a competitive applicant for working in the lab. It is a good idea to read about our current research and check out our recent publications before applying to see if our lab would be a good fit for your research interests.
      After the application deadline, students will be notified of whether new students are being accepted.  If the lab is currently accepting new students, the Undergraduate Coordinator will schedule an interview to discuss the student's relevant course work, goals for participating in research, and future plans.  Students will also be notified if the lab is not currently accepting new students.  Lastly, students selected to enroll in 4998 for the following semester will be notified via e-mail.

  • What are the deadlines for applying to the lab for 4998 research?
    • The deadline to apply for summer and fall semesters is March 15 and the deadline to apply for spring semester is October 15.

  • How many credit hours of 4998 can I take each semester?
    • Students can take between 2 and 5 credit hours of 4998 per semester.  The number of credit hours a student takes depends on the needs of the lab and the availability of the individual student.  For each credit hour, students must spend three hours in the lab per week for a total of 48 hours over the course of the semester.  The number of credit hours a student takes each semester can vary from term to term and will be discussed between the student and the Undergraduate Coordinator.

  • Can I get paid to work in the lab? 
    • The majority of students work in unpaid positions and receive 4998 course credits for their research activities.  However, there are occasionally paid positions available to students once they gain research experience and demonstrate responsibility and leadership in the lab. 

  • What are the lab's hours?
    • The lab is open from 8:30 AM to 6 PM Monday through Friday, as well as some Saturdays.  Students who are selected to work in the lab must be available during those hours.

Contact Saebyul Lee ASAP - slots are limited!